April 29, 2008

~A Gift From My Father~

I have a Daddy that hears my heart's cry and pours out His love on me...I am so spoiled and highly favored, I admit.

We've all been invited to stay in Blanco, high up on top of a 'hill'- at the home of the family that bought our chickens while they head to Oklahoma to see their mom who had surgery. I am so honored that they would ask us and the boys are so delighted to be able to spend a week with their 'babies'~! Jef will come up on the weekend because it's over an hour away from Sea World and it would be too expensive to go back and forth, let alone the time driving. Besides, he's been diligently working on Cleto's set for Sunday...we're having church at Sea World on Sunday where Cleto's show is opening for the season! Can't wait for that, either...the blessings are beginning to overflow and I'm so ready to receive them for our entire fellowship!~

My longing is to be with Daddy there up on the mountain. My heart is pounding to be with Him there in the silence and the peacefulness of His creation. I may not have access to a computer while there, so if you don't hear from me, you know why.

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