April 26, 2008

~A Gift Just for my mother-in-law!

The Xanga account doesn't seem to work for her, so I am inserting the birthday post just for her!
Love you, mom~
Friday, April 25, 2008
~What A Day!~

Words are not sufficient to describe the love I experienced today from family, friends and even the police officer that pulled me over! His wasn't to wish me a happy birthday, tho~the new registration sticker on the van hasn't come yet and when I drove by him, I smiled, praying, "Oh, God, not today...not on my day"! I also didn't have the current insurance card in the van or an updated address on my license! But he was polite to me and reminded me to drive safely and told me the ticket will probably be dismissed if I fax over or take the proof of the receipt to the judge on May 27th!
I woke this morning with thoughts that were oppressive and destructive to my joy...thoughts I knew were coming from the enemy of my soul because he didn't want me to enjoy the anniversary of my 46th birthday! I saw it, Praise God, and began to think on things that I knew would please my Daddy as well as the many things I am thankful for. I imagined all the traps set up to destroy me along the road of the journey called life and how, by His love and protection I am who I am today. Then I was excited to start the day!
The first call came before 9 am from my granddaughter, Hailey! She sang to me and added a "Ooohh who" after every line! My first highlight of the day~! The highlights continued...Lynette and Cleto gave me clothes and a card. I was able to go to the store and exchange the sizes and get myself a sweater jacket that I love; while I was at the store, Ashley called me from Spain and she didn't even know it was my b-day, and then when I got home, Josh and Dan were here and there was a huge box on the table waiting for me!

Josh bought me a copier, scanner, printer to print my pictures! I love how that 'kid' knows what makes me tick...someday, some woman is gonna be so happy!!! My 'fear' is that I won't get all the attention, like I do now! That's ok, as long as they give me lots of grandchildren! I'll have all the attention I need then.
Then on to SeaWorld! That was such a blast. I rode a roller coaster, something I wouldn't normally do! And then later we went on this ride called, "The Journey to Atlantis". It's a water ride that dropped down from only God knows how high...as Dan (who sat next to me on both rides) and I were about to go over the top and drop, I had this thought out loud, "This is what faith is like!" very loudly...awesome!
But I think the highlight of the entire day was walking through Sea World and talking to Jesus as if He was walking next to me and knowing that I was spending the day with Him. He was there with me...I felt Him, felt His love as I drove to Walmart earlier and exchanged the clothes...I wept on the way and my heart felt like it was gonna burst. I felt so loved by Him today. Really, I did.
I made a decision this morning not to have any expectations anymore when it comes to this day...for years I allowed unmet expectations, disappointments and unfulfilled desires to rob me of just enjoying Him and His gift of life to me. I can't explain what a difference this has made in being able to celebrate and be celebrated!
It was such a joy to be with all the boys and Jef.

Only wish the rest of the clan had been here to play together with!
The part closed at 5 and when we got home, I got some Samuel time outside, called my sister and then my friend, Della, who sent me the coolest little 'ditties' to enjoy!~ Lynette made us all supper and I got the special plate, as well as a cake and she decided that I was only 37, not 46!
As I type, the little boys are sleeping soundly on the floor next to me and Jef smells good after his shower and I long to rest securely in his love. I am such a blessed woman.
This is one birthday that will go down in history; for I grew closer to my Daddy and family and learned that this journey is the ride of a lifetime.

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