April 26, 2008

~Here We Go Again~

Well, I spent yesterday working on a new blog because the Xanga account was so difficult to use. Then I tried Wordpress, but my illiteracy with HTML got the best of me and I gave up on that, as well. So, here I am back at blogger and I have to say that of the three, this one is the easiest to use, although not always the quickest.

If you've been able to persevere and continue to 'follow' this rapid ride with me, then give yourself a big round of applause and a hug ;)! You have achieved an amazing feat...Thank you so much for your love and patience.

Here's a link to my last blog for all of you that haven't been there to catch up!

My other daughter, Rebecca, Rachael's best friend, sent me a link to her new family blog, Our Growing Tree. I am so delighted to finally see pictures of those two precious gifts to the Pelka family!

Well, all that work was done yesterday and then a thunderstorm like I've not seen in a long time blew through and it shook the house as well as shut off the electricity for a split second, so I couldn't publish this post yesterday.

Why the name, you ask? Because I love to dance. It brings freedom to my soul. The picture of the ranch barn and chickens remind me of a place that I also loved...

I will dance and worship so that my soul is healed, God is honored and others lives are challenged to do the difficult things.

Thanks again for joining this rag-tag "hippie"!

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