February 24, 2015

From Cold January to Cold February

It's been one month since I last wrote a post...and much water has waded under the bridge of my life as well as under the floor in our family room!
red roses for Daune
Love and I celebrate the entire month of February and with it came special gifts, intentional ways of saying, "I love you with every fiber of my being!"
 It's true. This bouquet was hidden behind Love's back when he walked through the door after a tiring day at his new job.  Thankful to have this picture. They didn't last but a week, even though I kept them longer.

As I stated earlier, our family room floor is crumbling from the rain water that has seeped under the house from not having gutters.  Sigh.  When one walks across the room, the sounds send shivers down my spine for fear that at any moment the tile is going to cave in and whomever is stepping there at that second will need to dragged out of an abyss of concrete and mud.
Yet, I choose to see this on a positive note!  I absolutely hate the tile in this room (Joshie has hit his head more times than I'd like to admit AND I cannot seem to keep the tile clean...it's a white color and muddy/dirty shoe tracks remind me that I need to do a better job keeping it clean!)...so, I'm getting new flooring in here!  That's going to be a selling point when the house goes on the market!

swinging uncle and nephewJanuary was a cold month, although there were days when the sun warmed the air to at least seventy five degrees.  Those were the days we couldn't keep Joshie in the house.  One day we headed to the park and he loved it! It was easier to take him out then let him run in the backyard where I had the boys dig trenches for the rainwater to be diverted from the house!  Little man has only fallen in a ditch once...he ran right into one and that was the LAST time he went near them!  I'm always fascinated to watch him and how he processes and is learning by repeating the same thing over and over until HE GETS IT!  He is a genius!
happy little fellow

little boy and jar with lid

little man with a jar

loving coupleI had a 'pre-wedding' shoot for some dear friends as well as their ten year anniversary vow renewal!  That was a blast...

couple in love

happy coupleThen came the wedding day...so beautiful!!!  After ten years, four kids, a prison sentence, the grace and love of God has knit them heart to heart!  I am forever grateful to be their friends.  

That was Valentine's day!  Thankful again that we celebrate the entire month because we left the wedding and headed to our son's home to babysit our three grand kiddos.  Very full day.

March is just around the corner and with it is a visit from our daughter and son-in-law and our four NY grand kiddos!  I'm beside myself in anticipation...even went out and bought the three girls princess dolls from the Disney Store!  One can't beat a doll from the Disney store for only $8!  

I suspect that the cold weather won't be hanging around too much longer...this is TEXAS!  In the meantime, I've got plenty of work to do to be ready...I've already painted the guest/Lego room and the gutters should be going up very soon...oh my.  Better get to sleep because that means I'm one day closer to their arrival!

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