September 12, 2014

What if He re-calibrated our sight?

It is necessary to see what cannot be seen in order to live a full life, a completely satisfying life.  

At times, this is beyond a painfully stretching exercise because babies die, tempers flare occasionally when two families live together for months, someone misinterprets what you say and stops talking to you, dishes are always in the sink, there are those daily annoyances that will not go away or  life is just plain hard.

Yet, despite the pain and sorrow of our lives, in the midst of each one, are we incapable of looking at them from a different vantage point?  I don't think so.  I believe differently, but I must be intentional, seeing through a lens of light that must be filtered with truth, Truth Himself.

Each day is a gift I record with pen and eyes and I'm looking, seeing and I'm changing.

Dishes are time to pray. As I stand at the counter preparing dinner, I spy MY teenager on the floor, playing with his nephew, noise means people around me are breathing living, and I am the recipient of this love from above..text messages sent with videos of my granddaughter reading for the first time.
This is a gift, even if I can't hold her in my arms as she sounds out letters making words. She's closer to me than I'd ever dreamed possible with over eighteen hundred miles of road between us.

Just as He asked blind Bartimaeus, He asks, "What do you want me to do for you?"

Jesus, have mercy on me.

I want to see...I mean, really see.

To slow long enough and see reflection...

For all my seeing, I want to remember.  I heard my pastor say this very morning that the word REMEMBER is spoken one hundred and sixty two times in the Word of God.  
That is a lot of times.  It has to be because we forget so easily.
So, will you join me in remembering? 
Become intentional along with me in recording each gift, no matter how bad things are.  There is something good in the midst of all of it. 
Look for it.
Record it.
Begin to thank God for it.

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