August 28, 2012

You're doing what?

As I stand there before them all, my mind goes blank.  There are six of them and one of me.  Six middle school girls just sitting there waiting for me to impart information into their brains and then let them loose with their sewing machine. 

But five out of the six have absolutely no idea how to even thread a machine.  "What's a bobbin?"  It's at this moment that I realize I am in way over my head.  How do I possibly teach six girls sewing at once. 
And then there is that one girl that knows not only how to thread a machine and a bobbin, what a straight stitch is and how to use her machine; she knows how to sew.  How do I keep her from being bored and to be engaged when she's leaps and bounds ahead of the rest?

All these thoughts running through my head as I run from one machine to another, answering questions, checking if they've threaded their machine correctly and asking, 'Can I start to sew now'? 

But, all in all, it's been a great first day of 'school' with the boys.  They're enrolled in a co-op that gives me, the mom, an opportunity to teach so we can afford this new adventure! 

As I walked out the front door today, I asked myself if I ever thought I'd start teaching at fifty?  Made myself chuckle.  But, why not?  Who says that fifty is too old to begin teaching?  There's a lot of years experience to share and wasn't I twelve when I first learned to sew...?

Besides, there are two great young men in the other room right now learning how to debate (like they need any help!) and they've had others teaching them Biology, Language, Spanish and Math!  I couldn't be more thankful for His provision!

What a great first 'school' day.  Thank you, Jesus.

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Jennifer @ said...

I'd be one of the people in the room asking, "what's a bobbin?" I'm so clueless when it comes to sewing. Am I too old to learn?


Glad you're off to a great start, Daune. xo


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