July 3, 2012

The Summer of our lives...

Are you making the most of your summer? 

Here's a visual glimpse of what summer is revealing to me...

 1. ...this journey called 'life' is to be savored.

...blink and it's gone.

2. ...that with each 'time sacrifice', grace is available to enjoy the moment...the gift of her medication means I get to have her here longer:
3. ...that simply smiling before I even have my first thought has brightened each day tremendously...why did I wait so long to start this habit?

4. Daddy knows what I need, so I choose to be as a little child and dance!

5. that losing Uno two games in a row to your grandson is fun...giggling warms the heart and laughter has drawn us closer!

6. ...my Garden is a constant reminder that He waits for me daily. Just as the flowers need daily watering, so do I~

7.  Even when life has been challenging, there is still beauty to revel in:

8.  Sometimes life appears all twisted in knots (ever feel like this?), but He still amazes me with His tapestry of beauty!  Flowers bloom on this 'tangled mess' daily!

As each day unfolds, every one of us on the spinning ball have choices to make.  Will we choose to only see the troubles that Jesus said we would all have...or rather choose to ignite each day with looking past the temporary and into His eyes, seeing what He sees:


I choose to see through His eyes.

How about you?  What choice will you make today when all around you things are spinning out of control...your control?  He holds the universe in His hand, surely He can handle our cares, struggles, limitations. 

The summer of our lives is so short.  Start today to journal what He wants to show you.


travelingthenarrowroad said...

Daune, your pictures are like a breath of fresh air. such beauty and grace displayed both in the pictures and your words...
thank you for sharing...

Daune said...

Thank you, Sheri! Sometimes I WONDER if I post what I need most...reminders.
Have a great 4th!


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