January 23, 2012

There's No place like HOME

He cries, she smiles.  They embrace and all is well, even if there's an oxygen machine that hums all night long next to him. 

There, truly, is no place like being back in the arms of your sweetie, the woman that you've cared for for over fifty years.

There's been a dramatic change in the physical as well as the spiritual heart of this man.  One week in the hospital has given him new life to press forward, pursuing a deeper walk with the God of his youth.

To mom's delight, he arrived home Sat. evening.  (Notice the hat; she wears her hat in the house to stay warm!)
We thought he wasn't coming home until Sunday, but he really wanted to go to church and when the doctor gave the release, he was thrilled.

He IS on steroids, which causes him to talk incessantly and his emotions are raw because he's so grateful for the cleansing of God's spirit on his heart, which has produced constant tears of joy.

But he has to care for his physical heart and that means changes that are much more difficult to be grateful for.

Today, for example, he cried tears of sadness. The realization of not being able to do what he's always done weighed heavy on  his mind.  I brought up the subject of planting my garden this weekend and I regretted opening my mouth when I saw him choke up.  Playing in dirt is his favorite!  I reminded him that he's alive and yet, somehow, deep down, being alive is so much more than just breathing.

My heart ached for him.  Those words fell to the floor as they came from my lips:  yes, being alive is wonderful, but we have to figure out: 'What does that look like for you now, dad?'

Well, for starters, a taxi drive to Wal-Mart for their first visit in over a week!  Back to McDonald's, but not before he hopped on the motorized cart!

 He was happy, I was happy for him!

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Caroline said...

It is so heart warming to read this and to hear that your beloved dad is home. Enjoy your precious time together.


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