January 10, 2012

On Being a Warrior

"Being a warrior is not about the act of fighting.  It's about being so prepared to face a challenge and believing so strongly in the cause you are fighting for that you refuse to quit."                                                               Richard "Mack" Machowicz

He turned himself in this morning.  He would serve time for the next fifteen months about five hours away from home.

About a year ago our dear friend began a journey toward Life, running upstream from a life of crime, pain and a childhood of abuse. Jesus freed him of his sin, but the residual lies from living on the streets from thirteen had taught him to do things that now, as a child of God, Daddy wasn't going to tolerate and consequences meant he had to grow up and become a real warrior, fighting a battle that he could win.

Even as law enforcement pulled the truck over that fateful day, he knew in his heart, he'd made a very wrong decision, all just to make quick money for his family. Transporting illegals is a serious crime and the penalty would be extremely costly.    Sentencing came in August of this year when he was ordered to serve, despite the changes God had wrought in his life. 

Initially, we were all shocked, for our life group, "Living the Life", had been praying faithfully for our friend's deliverance from the consequences of his actions.  We've watched him grow more and more in love with Jesus, share his faith daily with strangers, minister to others in need of car re-pairs, help whomever, whenever without being paid and allow the Spirit of God in him to radically change this man of anger to a man of peace and confidence in the God he now served. 

Why, God?  He's leaving four little ones and a wife that adores him?  Why didn't You do something that day?  Why did he have an attorney that could have cared less abou him and didn't really fight for him?  Maybe we could have prayed harder, longer, or done SOMETHING!

These questions whirled around in everyone's head and yet there was a peace.  Moreover, here is where one truly knows if what they believe is based on truth or not. The waves were pounding on his foundation and they will continue for a long time, but he's standing tall.
He didn't give up, run away, or fight back.  He surrendered to the God that loved Him and he grew more.  He continued sharing Jesus, loving his wife and children and serving the body of Christ.  He came over here and fixed my car several times, took off my transmission and made arrangements to have it rebuilt, fixed my dad's car numerous times and bought my Love a beautiful birthday cake for his fiftieth~!

I've never met someone like Mino.  A warrior of such valor, humbly accepting the challenge set before him.  This 'sentence' is just that.  A statement that his life is not his own.  He was bought with blood, pure blood that now runs through his veins.  He cannot help but allow that power to flow through him as he uses this time to bring others to Jesus.

The time he is spending in prison is as a free man in Jesus.  Bars on his cell are only reminders that he was once a slave to sin, but now he is an ambassador for the King of Kings to men who truly are in an eternal prison, separated from the God who is passionately pursuing them through the life of my friend.

I would ask that if you've read this far that you will join with me and others who love Mino and pray for him as he fights on the front lines as a warrior in the kingdom of Light. 
I would also ask that you pray for his wife and their four children:  Pray that God would infuse her with His strength, joy and peace to see His vision for her as his wife and the mother of their children. 

He is faithful, of this I am sure.

If you want to send him a note of encouragement or a book that would help him, just drop me a note and I'll email you his address.  He would really appreciate that!

'Father, in Jesus' name, I thank you for my friend, Mino.  Bless his sleep tonite and surround him with your favor as a shield.  Flood his heart with Your peace and remind him that his weapons are mighty through You as he seeks to know you more tomorrow.'  In Jesus' name, amen.


wondrgrl said...

You are the writer. This is cool and the picture is perfect.

Daune said...

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travelingthenarrowroad said...

This was beautifully written. Indeed I will be praying for him, may strength, stamina, and peace stay with him through this challenging journey!
In His love, Sheri


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