January 8, 2012

A new Year and reflecting...

Whew...Initially, I didn't think I'd ever be able to get back to writing here because the sorrow I'd seen in Haiti was so overwhelming and even now, if I see my pictures from the trip, my heart begins to weigh heavy in my chest and I almost can't bear the memories.  For the week after I returned, I felt like I WAS stuck there because I was editing photos and each picture took me back to that moment. 

But the holidays came on the heels of my return and that meant I needed to shift gears.  My mother has a way of making it impossible to forget that the decorations need to go up as soon as the calendar turns to December.  She'll ask over and over, not because she's nagging but because she's forgotten that twenty minutes ago she asked me when the tree was going up or when are we  going to bake cookies and am I going to make a cheesecake for Christmas and what am I making for the Christmas dinner? 

These are the every day questions that need answering until the decorations are up and the cookies are frosted and the addresses are given so she can mail her cards.  It's just what happens when you're turning eighty-three and there isn't anything spectacular on television and your children far away don't call often and nothing happens anymore to spark your life.  Yet, she's alive, still thinking, asking, planning and interested...and  that is cause to celebrate, decorate and enjoy one more Christmas with mom.

As soon as I returned from Haiti, I took my camera in to be cleaned.  I was told it would be ready in ten to fourteen days.  That was fine, I figured.  It would be back in time for Christmas.  Well, after ten days I began to call every day.  Then, on day fourteen, I was asked to take some photos for a family who had lost their daughter and wanted some shots from the memorial service to remember the day.  I immediately contacted Best Buy to see if the camera was back yet   No camera, despite telling them I needed it for a funeral service.  The following day, I called again and they told me it wasn't ready and they informed me that the part they needed was on order from Thailand and with the problems from the Tsunami they had no idea when it would be ready..  I hung up and began to pray, mostly for my heart to let go of fretting about it~!
Less than thirty minutes later, Best Buy called and apologized.  The manager said he'd heard about my situation and was deeply sorry.  He also informed me that they were giving me a BRAND NEW CAMERA!  I was beside myself with delight. 
 Note to self:  trust Daddy! 
He has good things in store for those who fear Him and trust Him!  We hopped in the car, headed over and got me an upgrade, complete with video, which I didn't have and a new zoom stabilizer lens!
He is my joy!  He delights to bless His kids and I am living proof!

I also had committed to making my gifts, along with orders to fill in order to help my Love head to Orlando for the SHINE 2012 event for AMTC.  That meant long hours at the sewing machine and prayer for wisdom on how to make things I'd never made before. 
I watched Daddy hold me near Him and I learned better how to listen, especially after everyone went to bed and I could actually think clearly...peace and quiet!

We had a Christmas party with over forty people.  The topper for that night was heading out with at least a dozen others to go door to door caroling.  One neighbor I'd never seen, was sitting in her car when we began and when we sang, "We wish you a Merry Christmas", she got out of her car and told us that was the most Christmas spirit she'd had all year!  That was awesome! 
Christmas eve we headed to church.  Our pastor reminded us that our life is God's gift to us; what we do with it is our gift to Him. 

Then on Christmas morning, the gang (our older sons, along with Josh's girlfriend and her two little ones) headed over for breakfast.  A pleasant morning opening gifts.  My favorite part was when the big boys opened the same gifts from me and were shocked.  I'd made them each a soft guitar case, covered with canvas so they could paint it to their liking!  That was one of those projects Daddy HAD to help me with...and He did! 

My sister and her family came over for dinner, we played the White Elephant gift game and then they headed out.  Long, but great day. 

Yet another party to plan for:  New Year's was on the way!  We bought balloons, made party hats, put up the mirrored ball, I sprinkled glitter EVERYWHERE...down the sidewalk to the street, along the front walkway, on the entrance carpet, on tables, spread confetti on the tables, and hung "Happy New Year" all over the house, too!  We put up a canopy out back, complete with flood lights and had a bonfire to boot!  There were only about twenty five people that night and the midnite light show was unbelievable.  I think firecrackers, fireworks and such went on for an hour straight! People were so grateful because the 4th of July had no fireworks due to the drought and the fire hazards!!!  Our home is high on a hill, so we had a spectacular view!  But I was ready at 12:05 for everyone to leave~

Then on the 2nd of January, Love boarded a plane to Florida and returns on Monday.  The boys and I got to go to a house on the river in the town of Seguin.  Click here to see some photos from that trip.
Wow, this month has zoomed past, leaving me little time to process my trip.  But, honestly, I am thankful for the gift of each day and because I've had time to recuperate, I am excited to go back and ask Daddy what I need to do now with the experiences I've had.

To wrap up what I believe sums up my month since Haiti is what I observed this past week while sitting on the dock looking out on the river.  I saw the water moving, sometimes more swiftly than other times, but it didn't change the reflection of the sky and trees.  It wasn't as clear when the current was swift, but it was still reflecting what was above it!  My life is going to reflect something.  What is it that I am reflecting?  May the current not change His image in my life, no matter how fast it moves.


mom2six said...

The last paragraph so perfect for me to process right now. Daddy has chosen the word reflect as our word for 2012. How I just want to reflect Him in everything. Thanks!

Daune said...

I believe the words for me, again this year, is intentional and purposeful! Thanks for visiting...

Daune said...

My bad...words are, not words is!


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