October 17, 2011

Safeguarding your faith...

Joining the myriad of others expressing their gratitude, hop on over here:

"Whatever happens, my dear brothers and sisters, rejoice in the Lord. I never get tired of telling you these things, and I do it to safeguard your faith."  Phillipians 3:1
When I read those words, something inside me jumped.  These are powerful words; let them sink in!
...safeguarding my faith...
...simply by rejoicing?
Can it be so?
Oh yes, it is so.
Try it.
I dare you!

On THIS beautifully sunny Monday, I am grateful for...

~rejoicing in the Lord has stirred up new thoughts, a paradigm shift from the negative to faith.

~I received the last $250 for my Haiti trip on Sat. nite.

~my thirst has been whet for His Word like it hasn't been in a very long time

~receiving an email thanking me for praying with someone that received a breakthrough in their marriage!

~anticipation of Angela Thomas coming to our church on Nov. 3rd and our very own Grace Pointer, Sarah Martin, leading worship...nothing less than tasting His presence in an intimate evening of hearts reaching towards His.

~being transformed daily by His Spirit inside me.

~opportunities to serve the body of Jesus.  (and learning to say, NO, too!)

~finding out what was causing my Caleb to have symptoms of asthma...dust mites, Cedar.

~new family pictures!  My heart aches to be so far away, but I rejoice that He holds them and I am confident that one day we will be near one another.
~my youngest granddaughter turning one!

~clean Legos...all 5.7 million of them!

~the body of Jesus supporting me on my adventure to Haiti.


It will change your life. 



thefisherlady said...

are you taking legos to Haiti?
blessings in your travels...

Daune said...

Dear Fisherlady,
Thanks for your blessing. I didn't quite understand why you asked if I was taking Legos, but after reading my post again, I now understand! They don't literally have 5.7 million Legos, but to a mom that had to clean them, it seemed like that many! And, no, I'm not taking Legos...although that might be a neat thing to give a child!
Thanks for stopping by!


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