October 13, 2011

Have I mentioned this?

With the busyness of life just flying by, I may have failed to mention that I am going on my first mission trip ever!
Our destination is Nehemiah Vision Ministries in Haiti.
I am part of a group of about eighteen from Grace Point on a mission to help with the rebuilding of Haiti as well as bring the love of Jesus and share His Gospel of forgiveness and power! This was a true experience of walking by faith and believing Him to do what only He can do!
My passport came in eight days! That was amazing. And the money to purchase it came on the day I reminded Daddy that I had to have $135 and $70 came from my marvelous daughter and her hubby and then I discovered that I'd stashed money!~ Just enough!!!
I've raised all but $250 and money to get all my shots! I have $250 for the shots, but I need a series of three and one shot is $120! so, I'm not lacking very much at all!!!
For this opportunity, I am indebted to those who gave sacrificially, particularly my friend, Della Helfen, in Georgia that gave me money after her husband lost his job! That's faith in action!
My expectations are high for a mighty work to be accomplished through me as well as our team!
Should you want to contribute, you can mail a check made to Grace Point Church, 9750 Huebner Rd., San Antonio, TX 78240. Just put my name on the envelope so it'll go towards my costs.

I'd be honored to have you join with me on this adventure!
You can also contribute here: Grace Point.

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