August 9, 2010

It's Monday!

Last Thursday and Friday, we attended, served and absorbed the Leadership Summit out of Willow Creek Association in Chicago (no, we didn't go to Chicago, our church was a host church and we served there!) was a tremendous blessing to listen to those who've been to the top of the mountain, so to speak, and were willing to share their hearts.  Stirring is always a great thing, although sometimes the stuff that's at the bottom, when it floats to the top, really needs to be scraped off in order for growth to continue...that's how I feel right now: scraped!


On this second Monday of probably the hottest month of the year, my heart is full of gratitude:

a new convection oven dad purchased so we won't heat up the house!  Dad loved watching the water swirl around the first time he cleaned it.

Great moments caught on camera!  Picnics he not the cutest?

connecting with friends from my youth on Facebook! 

a Long-billed Thrasher landing outside my sewing room window this morning as I sat at my desk talking to Daddy!  Some might not see the beauty in this, but this particular bird only lives in Texas and it doesn't live in the city...I absolutely love birds and so having this one land right outside my window was a gift from Daddy God just to me.

playground boy feet!  I wonder if Jesus' feet looked like this?

serving with 'Laughter'...he fits his name perfectly!

cooler mornings (78 degrees!)

my granddaughter, Trinity Faith Ritenburg.  My heart rests knowing she will be in my arms one day!

country living in the city~

a canteloupe in the garden...there were two, but today, the boys let the girls in the yard and they discovered one and began to dig into it! Dad was so was my fault, so he forgave me.

a community of believers that love Jesus.  I love my family and their passion.  It's contagious!

being given a new refridgerator from Love's cousins in Houston and a friend's pick up to go get it!

fresh ideas for my sewing business

my friend's help to my second craft show and setting up my booth~

God's nearness

dad making coffee in the morning

sleeping in:  twelve hours of sleep after a long weekend of going and going

the boys reminding me daily how many days till they turn twelve!

the laughter of my friends, each one is unique and I love them all-the laughter and the friends!


Beth Moore's passion and love for the Word

quiet moments when everyone is asleep--do I have to sleep tonite?  The silence is truly golden.

Do you have a gratitude list?  Ann hosts a weekly community of friends that share theirs...head on over and join in.

holy experience

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