July 30, 2010

Memories made together...

As this week comes to a  close, I pray you all have had a great week. 

Time has once again slipped away unmarked here...sigh.

I've been diligently working on my business and getting ready for the next show,  Saturday, the 7th, in Marion, TX.  It ought to be a good one...they have an annual Summer sausage festival that brings in over 1500 people...!


Twenty-eight years ago, July 24th, 1982, we became a 'triple-braided cord'.  We've been entwined and together, we three, have been on an adventure I treasure.  If you will recall, we had one desire for our anniversary:  to run away together.  (We did stay at a hotel, despite not having made reservations until two days before we left!)

We left here at 5:20 a.m. Saturday morning, with a cooler ready to fill at a nearby Walmart, carafe filled with Starbucks coffee and hearts anxious to connect in a deeper way. 

My expectations were exceeded when we began to share about a subject that I will share in *another post...look for it because it's gonna be a tough one to write as well as read...

We headed to Fredricksburg, to a hot air balloon show.  Most of the drive was in the dark, which was really disappointing because any time we drive through the Hill country, my heart soars...I did breathe in the beauty on the way home, though!

When I awoke that morning, I heard Him whisper to my heart: 'not to worry because the show would start late';  we did get there thirty minutes late and sure enough, they weren't ready.  It was a sight to behold. 

(note to self:  Listen to the whisper, it's His assurance that He is in the details and loves me more than I'll ever know.)

We didn't get into the air balloons, just enjoyed taking pix and being there together...in case anyone was wondering...

...and then they were off...

From there, we headed to town and perused the shops, took a trolley through town for only twenty-five cents each and...
 saw stuff like this:

Not my line of apparel, though!

Buffaloes, cactus...

the bugs are this big here, too!!!

A garden path dedicated to our Armed forces.  This was amazing and interesting, too!
There was a courtyard on the way to the memorial path and since I love black-eyed susans...

That afternoon, we went to a 'Swap Meet', basically a flea market, but sadly, it was ALL CAR PARTS...I am so grateful there was a shuttle bus to and from our van!  There was nothing...a total dud, but we were together. 

After that adventure, we headed back into town and went to a Five & Dime store called Dooley's.  It so reminded me of a store in East Aurora, 'Vidlers'..same kinds of treasures. We found these cool hats and I think you'll like 'em, too!

This was such a wonderful mini-vacation.  We spent time sharing, praying, loving, eating, snuggling as well as driving to Kerrville, about twenty-two miles away.  While on our way, I asked Love if he'd like it if I wore more jewelry and he emphatically said, "YES, I'd love for you to wear more jewelry!!!  I've always wanted you to wear more jewelry!"  I said, 'Ok, but that means you have to buy me some!' 
We went to the mall in Kerrville, very small I might add, and as we strolled through one of the stores, I spied jewelry and then I saw the prices...amazing...definitely costume jewelry and yet it didn't look 'cheap'...so, we got me a bunch of necklaces, bracelets and earrings. My jewelry box no longer sits on my dresser just collecting dust!~

As we headed home Sunday morning, we stopped at a coffee shop, Fredricksburg Java Ranch.
Oh my!  They had the best coffee, but the neatest thing was the decor...and I LEFT MY CAMERA IN THE CAR!!!  I never leave my camera.  I sleep with my camera on the floor next to my bed!  So, we'll just have to go back there next year or sooner and stop at the Java Ranch so we can have coffee and take pictures!
Oh, I almost forgot...we stopped at a yard sale Sat. morning, we love to do that when we're out of town, and we found a Monarch Junior Label printer for $2!!!  It has all these little letters and numbers...Caleb found it fascinating when we brought it home!
I also found a glass cake dish for $3.00!!!  Love found a laptop bag for a dollar and I  got two ginormous baskets for $1 each!  I absolutely love these kinds of deals!!!  Treasure hunting at its best!

To sum it up, I wish we could go away every weekend to renew our love for each other but I realize that's not real life...Real life is getting home and putting our love into practice, towards each other and our family!

Praise God for giving me to my husband to be his helper and in the process learning the value of getting to love him for who he is! 

I am a better woman, wife and person because of my Love!

Have a great weekend!

*P.S.-My next post, Lord willing, will be on the effects of growing up with pornography on this woman...

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