June 14, 2010

Multitude Monday

Of all the days to recount my blessings, today's post will probably be the greatest!

Saturday night, after a long week of daily anxiety attacks and a visit to the ER, and an overnite stay, mom, along with the rest of us, were at the end of our strength.   Love had been praying, we'd all prayed and yet, there was something deeply wrong with mom. She felt like there was a 'heavy brick' on her chest, couldn't breathe, heart pain and numbness in her arm.  But this was not a heart attack of the physical.  It was a spiritual attack. 

I was weary, frustrated and useless to fight this 'thing' any longer.  I stood at the kitchen sink, repenting for my impatience and anger towards her.  The enemy attempted to lie that she was just trying to get attention, when in reality, she really was dealing with forces beyond her understanding.

I desperately needed 'back up' support.  I phoned my dearest friend in KY and asked for agreement in prayer. My sweet friend asked if my mom really was a believer and I said I did not think so, even though she 'went forward' and said she believed in God. I promised to ask mom. We prayed.  I hung up the phone and took a deep breath.

Gently prodding to get to the heart of the issue, I asked mom to be honest with me about whether she really knew she would be spending eternity in heaven.  Her response, "I hope so."  At that moment, she recognized that she didn't know.  The truth finally came out.  The source of the weight was her fear of dying and not really knowing where she'd be.  The 'brick' on her chest was sin and the goodness of God was poured out to deliver her from it!  I told her about  1 John  5: 13 , John 17:3  and several other verses and then we prayed.  My mother repented and invited Jesus Christ into her life.  She then asked my father to forgive her for the ways she's treated him over the years that were not kind or loving.  Dad cried, hugged her and told her he forgave her.  That moment will forever be etched in my mind.

As I reflect on His goodness over the past week or so, I want to encourage anyone 'fighting the good fight of faith':  do not let go or give up!  In your moments of frustration, stop.  Take a deep breath and listen to what the Spirit in you is saying about your attitudes, your heart condition at that moment-because it may have absolutely nothing to do with you-and then remember that our enemy roams around seeking someone to devour.  Humbly turn the circumstance over to the One who knows the answer and if need be, call someone to stand with you in prayer and EXPECT the God of the universe to show Himself strong on your behalf.

Breathing deeply~

Majestic artwork

mom's delicious potato pancakes

cool breezes in the morning

glasses~helps one to actually see better...and a great price-$1.00!

grace, grace, and more grace right on time

40 volume peroxide and a willing sister and husband

a big tub of bleach to change one's appearance...from canary yellow to stark WHITE...
bottled color to tone down WHITE HAIR...wearing lots of makeup helps, too!

having an amazing, creative carpenter husband that builds things for me!

...like  designing me a wooden mannequin to hang my aprons on for my first craft show this month

watching daddy read and explain the Beatitudes to mom during an anxiety attack...it calmed her soul and refreshed mine! Mind blowing to see what I've prayed for for sooo long!

boys that love to cook

dad finishing another puzzle and hearing his satisfaction by cheering

little boy thrilled to put the last piece into that puzzle...his highlight for the day!

dad catching 'the Big One'!  Brother-in-law celebrating his father with an early gift to celebrate their first ever fishing trip together
Joseph...my youngest nephew! 
I love this child. 
I am so grateful for his life and God choosing our family to have him in!

having someone else cook dinner

growing in patience as I wait to upload my pix...

online radio stations to listen to new music

a passionate love affair with Jef

dancing with Jesus in my shop before anyone wakes


my daughter

knowing I'm loved and free.

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holy experience

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