June 15, 2010

An adventure He planned...

Today marked Love's last day off for the next ten days.  We always try to do something fun on one of his four days off; but normally we just 'do something', not giving much thought to praying about it.  Today, though, we asked Jesus to order our steps and lead us to where He wanted us to be.
We agreed we needed to stay cool and since I love going to the river, either the Guadaloupe or Comal, we headed out to New Braunfels to small, secluded and beautiful Cypress Bend park...we love that park.

 As we turn onto Peace Ave., our hearts sink: 
 "Park Closed-Authorized Personnel ONLY!" 

 What we forgot was that New Braunfels got hit really hard by a rain storm on June 9th. 
The flow of the river still must have been so powerful today that it wasn't safe to open the park.  We had no idea how much damage the park had incurred, but to close it must mean something.

(The picture below was taken last October after a rain storm.) 

My first thought was, "God, we prayed.  What's going on here?  Did we miss You?  What are Your plans for us today?
Immediately, the boys began to scheme and plan where we could go swimming as I repeatedly told them how sorry we were that they couldn't swim. 
I, too, was disappointed and attempting to figure out in my mind what we could do with these active, 'ready to jump from ropes into flowing cold water' twin boys!
So, Love headed toward Gruene, next to N. Braunfels, thinking maybe we could park on the side of the road and let them 'wade' into the water there. 
Please click on 'oh my word' and watch...
 The current today reminded me of the Niagara River  and this was after a week.   It was scarey and sad all at the same time.
So, we turned around, again, and headed into Gruene itself and had ourselves a picnic lunch under some small Oak trees.
Sitting on the gound on a tablecloth, enjoying each other and our lunch and then it hits me...

This is His plan.
He orchestrated these moments to relax, sit a while and breathe! 

No agenda.
Not 'doing' anything but fellowshipping with one another and living in the moment.

It was a beautiful day with ice cream topping off our outing...
Ice cream always tops off our outings lately!

It was a day in His presence. 

(The boys did, in fact, swim today, but not in a river.) 
Praise God for a friend that cooked us a delicious dinner and lives in an apartment complex with a nice pool!

We are blessed.

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