April 23, 2010

It's a clean conversation...

Every evening I have a routine of leaving the kitchen tidy and the counter shiny so when I awake, it's fresh and ready to be used again...and once and a while I'll toss a load of laundry into the washer so I can hang it if the weather permits the next morning as I greet our new hens. 
Well, this past Tuesday, my dad and I headed to a storage unit to see a hutch that we were considering buying for the kitchen...we got back later than expected, finished up dinner that Love had started and sat down to eat. 
After dinner, I spent the next three hours organizing and rearranging the cupboards and filling the hutch...it was a lot of fun, but when 10:30 came around, I wondered if anyone had called me because I hadn't heard my cell phone ring at all.  So, I began the 'search'...where did I lay the phone?  I hadn't used it since we headed back home to alert Love we needed his help in a minute to take the top part of the hutch off the top of dad's car.
I searched everywhere twice and then woke up boys to see if maybe they'd taken it or if either of them had seen it.  One of them said he'd had it, but put it on the dining room table...nope, not so.

By this time, I have a choice...do I get in a tizzy or let it go and head to bed...I opted to let it go since I was so tired from all the work I'd done that day.
Less than two minutes later, a son stands at my bedroom door...where are the shorts he put in my wash basket after his shower in my bathroom?  Immediately I knew where my phone was...yup, finishing up the rinse cycle...
I didn't say anything to him and he seemed happy when he fished it out of the machine and brought it to me and it appeared to be working...I knew better.
Reminding myself that he is more important to me than a cell phone was challenging at that moment, but he recognized how his choice to take something without permission was having serious consequences to his savings and I sensed this was a painful lesson we both were going to learn from.
That cell phone was only four months old. 
So, I have no phone until we decide to spend another $100 or try to find one from Craigslist...
But the connection I have kept this week is with my son.   That is much more valuable and when this is a distant memory, I want him to remember that mom loved him more and there are always consequences to his choices...and to mine. 
May my choices come from the wisdom of the Word and may the law of kindness be upon my lips.  Help me, Jesus.

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