February 22, 2010

February came and February went...

Each Monday, I marvel that yet another week has slipped by unnoticed-except for the slowness of time before can I kiss the cheeks of my dear granddaughters and listen to laughter when their 'funny papa' plays hide-and-seek with Hailey, when my Love holds Trinity in his arms, the boys revel in their nieces changes and happy tears flow unashamedly. 

These are days to be grateful:

#127:  for an entire month of Valentine's day- cupcakes on only one day, though!
 It's been one 'drinking deeply of your love' month.
...words are inadequate.

#128:  an overnite with my love in Comfort at Haven River Inn, given as a gift~

#129:  His grace, droplets watering my path...

#130:  close friends far in miles but near my heart.

#131:  being 'popped' on the trampoline by my boys...now that's fun stuff.

#132:  invitations to participate in community as a leader in our church.

#133:  a note from my pastor.

#134:  chive seeds sprouting.

#135:  Emily Rose Walker, my thirteen yr. old niece, calling to say she's given her life to Jesus after a date with her dad to see Switchfoot!  That was my highlight for the day.

#136:  Jesus overcoming the world.  It's all gonna be o.k.!

#137:  a call from a friend I haven't spoken to in four years.   

#138:  meeting a spry 82 yr. old woman of God in Kerrville at the Cultural Center in town.  She created this piece while caring for her dying husband.  This was one of those divine appointments!

#139:  Seeing Switchfoot at Best Buy last week-for free-but only three songs-that was enough! 

February, the Valentine month, has been one of investing in each other, time away from the computer and pausing to love, be loved and prepare for the upcoming season, new life. 


37stories said...

Yummy! The cupcakes look scrumptous!

Caroline said...

I have missed your posts. These pics are great and say it all really about what you have been up to in the last few weeks, without the need for words.

Have a great week-end

God bless


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