January 19, 2010

Mid January Journey

Once again, the clock struck 12 a.m. before I finished my post of gifts.
Join me, along with many others over at Ann's corner for the Multitude Monday list of gifts we celebrate as we remember what He's done.  Click on the button for lots of encouragement!

holy experience

This week's gifts recorded forever:

#107:  spying two generations intensely searching for the missing piece!

#108:  life stretching toward the Sun.

#109:  hearing the Truth while the world goes on all around me...

#110 A:  Banana bread and conversation late one night with my fragile mom.

B. Hands that held me...

#111:  boy play, usually involving risk and mom-cheering/praying for safety!

#112: satisfaction felt from a completed work of art (to me, that is!)!

#113: Productivity.  Lego chickens designed by future Lego engineer and trained to follow Lego Woody! 

#114: Fearless  followers of Jesus traveling before me.

What a glorious week. 
Mom came home from the hospital last Monday and has been gaining strength daily...and an appetite to prove it!

I had more pix to post, but the battery died.  Oh, well.

I am most grateful for the greatest gift this week: 

News that my granddaughters are coming here with their parents on March 2nd!


Jenny said...

What beautiful pictures and list of thanksgiving. I enjoyed my visit to your blog.

Anonymous said...

Loved the pics and inspiration! Peace! archie

Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

Your photos are fantastic.

And my, oh my, I love those "hands that held me."

Daune said...

I, too, love your pix!
Archie, I receive that peace today...
Thanks Jennifer for your comments. Those hands needed me to hold her today and love her in her weaknesses.
God is faithful.


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