September 8, 2009

Monday on Tuesday-Again.

holy experience
Where did the summer go?
It's still here, but the routine has begun again.
I've lost count of how many, but the gifts just keep coming.
Ugly: Sitting for four hours in the ER with boy that said his chest felt crushed and couldn't breathe;
The beautiful:
He is fine, just recovering from a virus and we entertained each other...
he's swimming in the back of the tank!


Ugly: Unfinished ideas sitting in a jar.

Beautiful: Potential gifts.



Obvious. Wouldn't win a popularity contest in any middle school of suckers!


His creation and the magnificence with which He designs and delights our senses and our imaginations. There is no depth to His creativity.

These days of just watching Him direct my heart, my emotions and perform miraculously in the moment by moment ticking of time. How He dances over me. You dance over me!

I join you, Jesus, in this dance.

The dance.

Gonna be a great week.

Blessings everyshere, just notice them, celebrate them, announce them.

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