September 18, 2009

~Honor Your Father and Mother~

Have I mentioned this?
It's official...
My folks are moving in with us.
They arrive October 15th!

My mother has congestive heart failure, she's been in the hospital more than twelve times since Jan., I believe, and has begun dialysis three times a week.
Cold and snow...
is a dangerous risk for an 81 yr. old in her condition, so we've practically begged them to come here where the weather is much more conducive for her health.

We've talked about it for months on end and now it's happening.

What is amazing is the action their faith has taken, though they may not even recognize it YET.

For example, my father hasn't flown since he was in the military in his twenties, fifty years ago, and vowed to never step foot on one again. But with my mother in her condition, he couldn't let her take a plane alone, so he's taking flight with her! (He was going to have my Love or my brother-in-law or both fly up and drive him and his car down-that was a matter of 'kneeling work' for his heart to change!) The fact that they've gotten two tickets is nothing short of a miracle.

My neice and her fiance' are driving the car down here, so we get to see them, too!~

My dad calls every day to tell me the next step he's taken to get ready for the trip, including, but not limited to, taking apart the potty chair!

He's gotten his new bank account ready, his pension check switched over to that account and is very interested in things like:

Do you have Brita filters at your Walmart store?

Could you see how much a fishing license is down there? ('That depends dad; do you want to fish locally or would you like to go to the Gulf and fish for shark? To which, I got a roaring laugh out of him! You do get a discount, dad, cuz you're old!')

Where is the nearest Walgreens?
How much is gas down there?

'You have a Big Lots around the corner?'
'Yes, Dad, we have that as well as a Dollar Tree, a thrift store, Burger King ( the restaurant he takes mom to, or used to!)

...the bank, WalMart two minutes or less away, the gas station, and just about anything else you could possibly need!'

The one thing that I know Jesus is wanting to do for dad is show him His unconditional love and approval, grace and the truth that Jesus is for him.

He's really needing help with my mom and between me, my Love and my sister and her family, he'll have the help he needs during the day.

My sister Kay has done a wonderful job of laying down her and her family's life to house and care for our parents for years. I realize this time will be freeing, yet challenging for them to let my folks go after they've been together so long.
Thank you, Wachowski family, for all your love for mom and dad over the years. It was not in vain. It's our turn now. We gladly receive the baton.
Writing down all the answered prayers reminds me to be thankful.

My sister Karyn will be here in six days with her family and we'll watch their children while they look for housing; we'll pray together for the future of our families and His purposes to be accomplished in all of us.
Then, when my parent's come, we'll switch;
they'll watch our children while we look for a new house!
His timing is perfect, for both of us.

Would you pray for us for those times when the waves beat against the house and the winds blow-the testing of our faith-that our faith will not fail...for His power to be perfected in our weaknesses...
To see the battles beforehand and...

I really appreciate the privilege of honoring our parent's according to His Word.


rosa said...

your dad is so funny....

Daune said...

The really funny thing is that he doesn't even try to be funny; he just IS!
The biscuits and gravy we made were the BEST! Oh, my word! Of course, I took pictures of the dish...didn't look pretty, but tasted out of this world!


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