September 17, 2009

Holy Yoga?

Ever thought yoga could be holy?
I didn't.
Not until I actually went to a class at my church last night and experienced the presence of God-a spiritual experience.
Really didn't want to go.
I felt tired, irritable, not 'feeling' like going out of the house-
all the reasons I needed to go!

When it came time, I threw on some 'stretchy' pants and a huge tank top-clothes I hate to wear out-and no makeup, hair in a ponytail and obeyed my husband's encouragement to GO!
I couldn't find the classroom...missed the sign at the door and wandered everywhere-upstairs, down, back up, looking horribly dressed and with no color-by the time I found the classroom-in another part of this huge campus, my heart rate was up and I was ready...
Anyone who says that yoga is for sissy's ought to take a class. This was tough-mind you, I'm definitely out of shape-and my bloated stomach didn't help matters...but I can guarantee, I'll be at every class I can after this one.
There were all different women, ages and sizes and even a guy. The music was rich, deep and the ambiance was very relaxing. The teacher is 56 yrs. old, but looks much younger and she is in love with Jesus.
The workout went on for about an hour and then the last fifteen minutes was time to lay in the presence of God and commune with Him. With my eyes closed, I had no idea the instructor was going to place a lavender scented washcloth on my eyes and then a few minutes later, she began to stroke my arms with lavender oil and when she walked away, all of a sudden, the tears began to flow.
I could have stopped them, I'm sure, and was wondering where they were coming from, but I let them flow. I had a vision, which I won't share, because when I thought of sharing it, Jesus asked me if I share my times of intimacy with my Love, to which I thought, 'No', and then He told me I don't have to tell others what He shows me every time.
I left that encounter with a fresh understanding of my body being His temple, and desiring to take care of it.
If you ever get the opportunity to take a Holy Yoga class, do it! You'll be hooked and the benefits of learning what it means to be in His presence will propel you into a greater relationship with Jesus.

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jené said...

I began Yoga years ago as a way to build flexibility to counter the effects Rheumatoid Arthritis was having on my body. Never expected the spiritual centering and gifts it has brought! Even though things are more difficult now, I still take time to stretch both my body and my soul.


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