April 1, 2009

...He is Waiting for Us...


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Caroline said...


Wow! Fantastic photo. I have a dream that one day I will sit outside on a veranda in a rocking chair on a warm summer's evening. It is dusk and I can hear the crickets in the trees ( you can tell I'm English!) I so love your photographs Daune. Thank you for posting

Freedom in the Dance said...

Thanks...This pix was taken in Florida on my sister's back porch...I love that rocker, although when I sat in it and rocked back, I thought I wasn't gonna come back and just fall completely on my head!
So what's it gonna take for your dream to come true? It's a possible dream, ya know!!!
I, too, love the sound of the crickets...and we have these peep frogs that sing all nite long...that were annoying at first until I allowed them to lull me to sleep! Now, I'm looking forward to hearing them again.
Have a great day.

Jennifer said...

Wanna curl up on His lap right there.


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