March 30, 2009

Color is Bedecking the Nakedness all around...

I heard yesterday that all great stories have a turning point...
the turning point of cold weather warming; tree leaves, flowers, and fragrance in the air means a new season is fast approaching. I can hardly wait.
I remember the farm...102 acres of fields and woods, the creek, and as well as the 1/4 mile driveway; walks to get the mail, lingering along the stream's edge to watch the frogs leap from their holes into the cold water.
I do miss the farm and yet those memories will always be with me. I count on that and occasionally go back there to remember the innocence, the training, the changing we all went through as we learned to be a family. The nurturing of the seeds planted then are now the fruit of our life...and still, there are new rocks every year!

I am anticipating this new season as I peruse His manual, dig in the dirt and dream of what kind of garden Daddy is going to produce in me and my family.
I admit that this past week was not a good one...too many weeds to pull and I became overwhelmed by the thorns that, though I cried out that they wouldn't prick anyone, it seemed that they were more prickly than usual...and our precious boys were the ones being 'stuck' the most.
Moments of bottled anger and frustration spewed out. Another layer of discontent (big weeds) that have to be dug out (these roots go to China, I think!) painful, for I saw magnified before my eyes the evidence of indulgent boys who have been watered with discontent by their mother in her search for fulfillment and temporary satisfaction. Oh, so ugly...
But God...but the blood, but the truth of His Spirit in me reminding me to come to Him, as a heavy laden mother, needing refreshment in the yoke that is easy, the burden light...(Just enjoy these two!)
I come here monthly, it seems...the same struggle, the same tripping attack...and yet, I know I can't give up or stop coming to Him.
So the turning point in this story? For me, it's right now. I only have this moment. Faith is now. I only have this moment: and I have the God of the universe in me that won't give up on me. His Word in me has been convicting, stirring, reminding me that the One in me is greater than the one in the world bent on my destruction.
Contentment is a heart condition. Jesus, please help my heart to be content.
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