January 13, 2009

Threading a life...

Each day I string thoughts together, words are spun, and a tapestry is created. Is it beautiful or just a jumble of mixed up threads that He has to unravel?
I've been sewing these days and I find that my 'area' is in much need of organization...oh, yeah, it's the month of organization, right? Better get a move on here!

It, too, is a weaving of my life and the direction I find I'm headed...bringing His Life to others by my handiwork, His handiwork...
The tapestry is woven when it all comes together, not compartmentalized anymore...this is such a struggle for me at times.
The boys and I have been baking bread (that didn't rise too well!), pizza dough (that tasted more like bread!), bagels (that looked more like a doughnut-so we put powdered sugar on them!),

creating silly puddy, clay creations, painting birdhouses, and training our puppy (or is she training us?)-and oh, science experiments, along with bird treats (and using almost all the peanut butter and the strung cranberries we decorated the Christmas tree with!)
...all this sudden burst of creativity, bottled up for so long-exploding in every room of our home-...
I know these daily investments into the fabric of their hearts will encourage them to believe that along with the words I speak, my example is one that will remain because His Life came forth from my heart, hands and mouth and even if I knot up threads, He will unravel them and make a beautiful work of Art out of it all.

How great He is and what a tapestry He weaves that brings Him honor.


Jessie said...

I enjoy reading of things you do with your family. These are presious, precious moments. You know I was studying a verse the other day and read it from my Archaeological Study Bible. The footnote said this on verses 3-5 of Psalm 127 states Children as a gift from God constitute the true wealth of a home. It also said that reverence for God and devotion for family are at the heart of the Bible's teaching on the well-being of a home. AMEN!

Freedom in the Dance said...

Amen again. To see His creativity reproduce Life in others is so worth the time it takes, ya know?

Caroline said...

Hi Daune,

Looks like you have been very busy! I agree with your friend's comments about the gift of children being the true wealth of the home. I know how precious the time is that we all spend as a family together as the children are growing up so quickly. We must savour each moment.

A sledge is another word for a sleigh. The area where we intend to sledge has the longest runs in Europe which are parallel to the ski runs. It is such good fun, and an activity that we can all do together as none of us ski. We have done it before, four years ago and really enjoyed it. The children are keen to ski this time, so we may let them have a couple of lessons, or my brother may teach them as he is a good skier and will be on holiday in the same resort.

The cold weather is back here, but not as cold! Enjoy your mild climate.


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