January 15, 2009

Taking Flight

As our dear friend headed to his eternal Home, we, too, are headed home to stand with my dearest friend during the saying goodbye to her forever love and best friend.
When I called Diane to say we were coming, she began to cry...how does a friend say, 'please come, I need you.'?-when she knew it was sudden, etc, but how could I not stand with her, love her and support her. She said I had no idea how much that meant to her. I long to hold her even now. Another dear friend has loaned us the money to come. Friendships go so far beyond time and space, as does the Holy Spirit that reminded some time during the night that He put the stars and moon and sun in place and He holds them there by His Word. Praying in the Spirit was the only way I was able to sleep and I slept well.
Remembering Donnie only brings tears...he gave, he loved, he was passionate about everything he did...to the point of his own hurt, even if he did complain about it;) That's ok.
We do ask for your continued prayers as we say, 'So long until Jesus brings us together again on the side of complete light, no darkness, no pain, no more sorrow, no more separation, and to forever celebrate the Name of Jesus.
There is freedom in dancing; ask Donnie Gavin, he knows.


Jessie said...

Many prayers.

Caroline said...


Just to let you know that I am still praying for you and your friend x


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