January 2, 2009

~New Addition~

Daisy Mae Smith
Isn't she beautiful? Her name is Daisy Mae and she's sixteen months old. We answered an ad on Craigslist-I love that place- and then waited...when I didn't see the ad, I figured it was flagged or that someone already had her...but I found the return email in my junk folder late New Years eve! So, Jef prayed, I hoped and then my love said I could have her as my Christmas gift...I am so tickled.
I know...work, work, work, eaten shoes, flowers, and then some...but anything worth having is worth working for and I gave up Berakah believing that someday we'd get another Golden. That's been my heart's desire.
The boys are loving this, too. Something big enough to wrestle and yet cuddle and sleep with!

1 comment:

Ashley said...

You all got a dog! Can't wait to meet him :)


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