January 1, 2009

January--National "Get Organized" Month

How does one begin a new year? By cleaning up from the holidays, right?

Well, I thought organizing my desk and using this cute 'bag' (that was given to me)-(thanks Amanda!), to file my papers would be a great LITTLE project...now, at the end of this day, with the entire house turned UPSIDE DOWN as a result of my comment that I organized my desk to my husband, it's not longer a little organizing-it's moving furniture, desks, my sewing machine, etc! But overall, it's definitely been a great beginning to this year.

My love and I are headed downtown ALONE to the River Walk to see if the Christmas lights are still up...we heard that San Antonio is on the top ten places to visit for the holidays with their festive decorations. Besides, we need to unwind and begin to set our goals for this new year.

The tree came down today, as well as all the decorations in anticipation of Valentine's day, or month, around here. I will keep the snowflakes up on the windows in commemoration of the snow my family in NY is experiencing, tho, but not because I want any here. Glitter doesn't make me cold!
Yesterday's picture may have been confusing. My point was, in case anyone misunderstood, (Della :-) ), that I intend to write more often and keep these keys from ever looking like that again!
Wow, there's my first goal for the new year...I've got several for future post.

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