December 18, 2008

~Life is but a Breath~Yet it Has Much Value in that breath!~ think that Jesus came from a lineage of prostitutes, murderers, and such characters. Their lives weave a beautiful tapestry of His grace, His power and His amazing love.
To think that Rahab was the mother of Boaz, who married Ruth, and that their son was Obed, who became the father of Jesse, who was King David's father!
I am in awe of how one person's life matters, no matter what one's background is.

Where you come from?

Today was THE cookie making day...Chocolate Truffles, and the famous sugar cookies...there are only three more batches to make and give...phew~

Car challenges again's all good, tho!

My dear friend, Della, lost her brother yesterday. He passed away at 63 and I know my sweet friend will have her hands full as she ventures to NY this weekend for the funeral and holidays.
May Jesus give you all His strength to love your family and be loved as you grieve the loss of your brother...

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Jessie said...

Matt Redman sings a simple song that clinches my heart as I listen to it. The chorus simply says, "we are breathing the breath that You gave us to breathe"

I almost forgot why I stopped by. I was blessed with one of those blogger awards that passes around. I have passed it on to you. If you are interested please visit my blog sometime when the chance arises. Your blog is lovely and brings God glory.


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