December 26, 2008

Christmas was great; the only exception is not having our grandchildren here...sigh. We grilled out on Love's new grill! I wonder how God feels about us celebrating Jesus' birthday by giving each other gifts.

The same wonderful couple that gave us our tree generously gave me a b-b-q pit, complete with a smoker, along with the tools to cook with and charcoal/lighter fluid to boot! What a gift to me to share with my love!!!

What a shock and surprise it was when we walked him out to the garage and opened the door and there it was with a huge bow! He was speechless!!! Said this was the best Christmas of his LIFE! Josh gave him a laptop...what a giver that man is!

This was a uniquely different holiday in that almost all the gifts were hand made or free!!! May this become a trend.

I haven't written much and it's because I've been kinda 'out of words'!

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Caroline said...

Hi Daune,

Thanks again for your comments- they are always so timely. Looking at your photos of your husband in a t shirt on Christmas Day is hard to believe as it is so cold and frosty here! Hope you are still having a restful family time


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