October 13, 2008

I found leaves changing color!!!

Holidays are great times to divert from the routine and today was no exception. We headed to the hill country (Blanco park) where we discovered His beauty radiant and peaceful. I only regret that we didn't stay very long. We had another adventure to embark on later in the day...

10-13-08 012

Love is involved in a film class at UTSA and tonite we went with him...and made a very short movie on lighting...we had a little contest to see who could describe lighting better. Our group, which consisted on three college students, a nine yr. old girl and Jef and myself, went down to Starbucks and used the lighting in there to tell the story of a very sad woman sitting in dim light with her head on a table. I sat at a table under direct light reading a Bible with my little girl and noticed this sad woman, so I bought her a latte' and my daughter took it to her and invited her over for a chat in the "Light"...

It was fun. The boys had their own story of a professor trying to say that a chicken evolved into a 'cheko' and then into a 'gecko'...they had a blast! Mostly giggled!

Life is good, life is grand. Savor every moment and refuse to use "could have, should have, would have"...they are worry words...live in the moment. I'm finding it's the best place to live.

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