September 5, 2008

Vision Brings much peace!

Lat nite, Love and I sat and prayed. Not an unusual thing, but this time it was special. We prayed and agreed together for a vision for the educational direction for the boys. He prayed for me, himself and the purposes of God to be brought to fruition this coming year. I felt like the bones were beginning to rattle; then they began to come together and now I am believing that He will put flesh on my earnest desires to see His will done as we sit and read, as I instill a hunger to learn and to be His disciple. My heart's desires He promises to fulfill as I delight in Him.

These bones are coming to life and the most wonderful part is the weight that falls off when one has a vision, direction and purpose-more than just an idea...a goal, a written down plan...ah!

Today, for the first time in years, I woke at 5 am, excited to sit down with these gifts(later in the morning!) and know that I've done my part, now He promises to do His!

Let the learning, not school, begin!

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Caroline said...

Hi Duane,

Thanks for your comments-greatly received-I know we have to savour these moments with our precious children and I pray that God continues to give me grace and wisdom in dealing with these teen years!

Our children are back at school now after a really long break ( 8 and half weeks) which was fantastic. Just a pity about the cold and rainy summer we've had, even more than usual that we get in England!


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