August 30, 2008

...Let's go there together... I don't live in an open space, filled with rolling hills, the sounds of crickets gleefully chirping and the smell of fresh cut hay...but can I go there anyway? Can I enjoy places I've never tread just by viewing the beauty of photographs? Can my heart and mind receive the respite I need if I can't touch the moss, dangle my toes into a pond or hear the sound of nothing?
I wonder, I ache and I long to go there. To hear absolutely nothing but His voice; not to have to fight for breathe amidst the ache of those heart bruises caused by suspicion, fear, doubt and pain.
I know, by experience, that to be with Him wherever I am is to be free. (BUT I seem to have to fight the lies that it's not good enough cuz it isn't the country~)
To hear His heartbeat as I lay next to my love or when I sit at His feet while I am washing dishes is to experience the peace He promised.

Last nite, as well, I felt the power of communion with Him by pouring His love out to a listening ear, an open heart and a hungry one on a journey. There is no greater love than to lay down one's life for a friend. It's true.

So I can't walk out onto an open field of wildflowers, but I can relish in the reality that He knows my desires, and I only want His heart in the everydayness of living.

I believe I'll take the place I am right now and allow His life in me to express His beauty and express it with everything in me.
Yet, I will enjoy and appreciate those that can share those places of moss filled trees, croaking bullfrogs, and drink deeply of Him in all of it.
What a big God I have.

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Jessie said...

a big God indeed. :)


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