July 11, 2008

The Battle Rages On For Truth

The first principle of the kingdom is personal responsibility...if we don't start with ourselves, then we can't give anything of eternal value to anyone else. We have to 'own' our own 'stuff', take responsibility for our own heart and then move outward from there.
Each one of us has to repent for himself, (can't make anyone else repent!), and we each will stand before our Maker alone...that's just the way it is.

Same holds true in relationships, as well as in every arena of our lives. But, I believe, that unless one first understands that each one is loved unconditionally by Daddy, then things get muddied in the pain of brokenness.

If my Daddy loves me and He sent Jesus to die just for me (buy me back from the slave block of sin), then He can be trusted to be a faithful Daddy and help me in every and all circumstances. And He wants to, too~ It wasn't based on any thing good I did, but on His unconditional love for humanity...

Take for example, our dog...
My Father knew where Berakah was and He showed me, after sixteen months of being gone. Now, the 'system' of this organization has policies in place that seem to be more important to them than the reuniting of our dog with her family...we were told that we cannot adopt her and to look at a dog shelter for another dog!~

My knee-jerk reaction would be to get all angry, write them a nasty letter and take matters into my own hands...(not a problem, tho, anymore, cuz My husband is now in charge of such things anyway!), but I am learning that I DO NOT WRESTLE AGAINST FLESH AND BLOOD~

This whole restoration came about as a result of my Daddy's love for His children...so what does the enemy of our soul attempt to do? Get us to look at the people, the circumstances..(Did I say too much when I wrote them about her? Us? Etc...), but the Holy Spirit reminded me last nite that this was an attack and that this situation is the very thing that God orchestrated to show Himself powerful on our behalf...WE SERVE A MIRACLE WORKING GOD AND HE IS READY TO FIGHT AND TEACH US TO FIGHT THE FIGHT OF FAITH...To know that my Daddy loves me is calming to my soul, my emotions and knowing that He can be trusted, gives me such confidence that the ending of this Berakah story will be better than I could have imagined!
God rewards those who diligently seek Him and He is pleased with His kids when we look to the hills for our help, not to our own strength...Be encouraged that He is on your side and waits ready to dispatch His servants, the angels, to fight on your behalf.

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brokenservant said...

Amen Sister!

He is a God of miracles....He does them everyday and we need to tell people about them. Shout it from the mountain tops........start writing the Berakah Story and see how He ends it....take a step of faith in His story...start writing ...start at her beginning and wait and watch !


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