July 13, 2008


After perusing Holy Experience and enjoying the interview with L.L. Barkat from Seedlings In Stone, I was most excited to know that I, too, have been drinking from this river of Love and actually experiencing the grace and truth that comes with intimacy with You, my Daddy.
Waking with you, Father, has been the delight of opening my eyes each morning. Just laying there and talking and listening to You speak Your love and desire for me to know You has stirred my heart for so much more than what I've been living with.
The guilty conscience, the weight of trying to please people and live up to their expectations of me or my perception of that expectation, along with trying to find my worth in what I do are all fading away as Your light is dispelling that evil darkness and those props are being replaced with a confidence, assurance and joy in the journey of just being Your child and being loved by You!!!
What strength comes as I keep my heart open to Your invitation to dance.
I love you, Daddy.

1 comment:

L.L. Barkat said...

Thanks for the link. :) And I like that you picked up on the one image I expressed having trouble with... it is beautiful to see someone able to take that expression of God's character and lean into it, eyes closed and heart open.


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