July 1, 2008

~Rain and a Fort!~

First time in a while we've had a good rain and it smells glorious outside! And the temp is only 75...thank you, Jesus!
There is a possibility that our dog, Fuski, is in Austin. She ran away a year ago March during a thunderstorm when we were out with our daughter and her family to dinner. It was their last nite here and when we came home, she was gone...she hates thunderstorms and ran. I thought I found her this past Feb. when I saw this beautiful Golden in the road on our way home, but it wasn't...made my heart ache all over again...then yesterday, while perusing Craigslist for a Golden puppy, I found a rescue organization just for Golden Retrievers and there was this picture that I was sure is her...so, we immed. emailed them.

We're waiting for the foster dad to check out the things that would definitely make her our 'Fuskie'...what we used to call her...if she is, then we have to go through the 'adoption' process to get her back...not cheap, but that would mean that our family dog is alive and healthy, just old! Caleb cried when he saw the pix cuz he is convinced it's her. The way they described her made us even more sure...we're trying not to get too excited, but it's very hard~we got her when she was six eeks old and brought her here from NY...this dog is amazing and we've really missed her.

Today, I bought the boys a pulley...a $2.38 piece of metal that has changed their life!!!

Not actually, but we have had the best time today pulling 'stuff' up this pulley to their fort...I even gave them my glass patio table (it's small) and we bungee corded the glass top to it and hauled it up the pulley rope...very slowly they pulled it up while I stood on a ladder helping them...when it got to the top, I was sweating bullets that they wouldn't somehow let go of it and it would fall about fifteen ft. on my head! But they did it and were so excited!
So, they have been vigorously killing ants with my mixture of vinegar, salt and dish detergent!~ Then they poured out my entire bottle of baby powder and cinnamon on the fort! We're determined to make this a 'livable' place for them to enjoy...there is this awesome website of this lady in California that builds forts and houses in trees...check out the prices...Barbara Butler...oh, my word...my love is in the wrong business...he could do this and we'd be wealthy!!! But that's not his dream...but we can still make some of these cool things for a lot less...
Back to cleaning, washing, cooking and dancing to the music as I go~
Sidenote: Not one person entered the contest, so I got to keep the book...it was disappointing, but perhaps I learned a lesson...I write this blog for my family to enjoy our life as well as express myself...perhaps having contests is just not for those who read this blog...oh well, that's cool with me!


L.L. Barkat said...

I just noticed you are in (near?) San Antonio. I'm going to be flying in there for the first time ever, on my way to a retreat at Laity Lodge at the end of July. I shall give a little wave to you upon landing. :)

brokenservant said...

I shared your story with some friends over lunch and they were brought to tears. The dog story is definite material for publishing...do not worry if "you can write"

Freedominthedance said...

Thank you, my sweet sister! I love you!


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