July 3, 2008

~Our Miracle-Working God~

His faithfulness endures to all generations...He cares, protects, provides and restores all things.
I cannot describe the elation that flooded my soul and heart when this email came in last nite,

"Well... fingers crossed, but I think that we might have your girl! The foster dad says there's a definite difference between her hind paws, that the left hind has the toes in the middle spread far apart. He doesn't notice any floppiness, but for sure they don't look alike. He said she didn't really respond to her name, but when he called "fooski, fooski" she did react, came up, looked at him, made a little sound. I bet if she heard her nickname in a familiar voice we'd see a much stronger response.
He commented that she HATES baths and trembles when in the bathtub. Incredible! It really does seem that Ellie might be your gal. After all this time! This is the first time in seven years of rescue that I've seen anything like this. (: "

I filled out the application to 'adopt' our own dog! These organizations are very serious about their dogs and I am grateful for all the fuss, but when she wrote that it would take two weeks, I wrote and asked if we could speed this up since she had been our dog for twelve years prior to this and we'd taken good care of her and the boys were up early asking when we could go to Austin to get her!~! I did an 'over-the-phone' interview tonite and then another email came in from 'Becky', the woman I've been writing and she said she was going to see what she could do to move this thing pronto...we're supposed to have a 'home study', like you do when you adopt children!!! AAAHHHH~JUST GIVE ME BACK MY DOG AND I'LL PAY THE $175 FOR ALL THE GREAT STUFF YOU'VE DONE FOR HER!!!

Here is her 'bio'! She looks beautiful...

The woman that interviewed me tonite said she has a neighbor that has a Golden that is nineteen yrs. old! To possibly have that much time with her...

This needs to be one of those stories on the evening news!
I keep thinking about all that we've been through. From coming to Texas in obedience to the word of the Lord, without a job or home. Bringing our girl with us, and her adventures in Florida, when I stayed for two weeks with my sister's family while my love found us a job and home. Then, getting to live in the country, her running away, Jef losing his job...moving into someone else's home for three months, then getting our own home that we'll prayerfully buy in a year, to Berakah returning to where she belongs...all things being set straight, the broken things fixed and the boys getting their 'girl' back! It is definitely book material...if I ever learn to write, I believe it might be something I'll do! My sister is convinced I should.

There will be plenty of pix when the day of reuniting and celebration comes!

Ya know, it's not so much the physical dog returning that excites me, although it does...it's the fact that God loves me and I didn't stop believing Him that He'd bring her back and all that He did for her, because He loves me and our family. What a great example to the boys of His faithfulness. When you are believing for something you have to hang on to that confidence in your Daddy, no matter what it looks like or how long you have to wait.
Help me, Jesus, to trust You with everything in my life, especially the things that I've let die. And thank You so much for bringing our dog back home.


Caroline said...


I'm so pleased for you about your dog. What great news! Your boys must be really pleased.


P.S. Get started on your book!

Freedominthedance said...

Thanx...changed my mind about making the blog private...just changed the password and I'm gonna try to be more selective about information, ya know...and yes, the book is going to be written...thanks for the encouragement!


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