May 5, 2015

She's Grown Up Before My Eyes

It was a VERY HOT afternoon late last summer when the call came. There was an urgency in her voice: "May I come over, please." "Right now?"

By the time their vehicle pulled in our driveway, somehow I knew.  He dropped her off and headed back down the street as she came to the door.

Was it fitting to announce on the way to a funeral that the marriage was dead to him and  he wanted a divorce?  "You're not going to change my mind THIS time, either.  It doesn't matter what anyone says.  If I'm wrong, God will forgive me."

Sitting on the swing together that day, me staring at water lilies and two giant koi fish aimlessly swimming in the pond, she talks about the reality of becoming a single mom with two children.  She could have given up, become bitter, hateful or deny that she needed to change.

But this lady is not an ordinary lady.

The 'diamond in the rough' that came to my door that day is just that:

Wouldn't it be grand if I could write that today this couple is back together, with hearts healed, with a 'happily-ever-after, fairy tale ending'?  

The story isn't over. Only One knows the final ending to this story.  

And 'maybe it's not about the happy ending.  Maybe it's about the story.'

But I can emphatically tell you how Daddy God has carried her.  How her 'house', her life, is being built of the lordship of Jesus Christ and His grace alone. How it's been evidenced by the choices she's made and keeps making...sometimes second by second, one deep breath after another, to ask for help, for prayer, to seek His face and obey His Word.  

This 'fairy-tale' is a story of grace in Christ's ability alone.  Not hers; she would quickly confess she has no strength or power to overcome the odds that she faces on a daily basis.

Have their been days she's wanted to give up? Tempted to Lash out and blast him for the continued selfishness and stupid choices he's making, even today?  

Is she perfect? 


But are any of us?  

She has said and done things, later realizing, 'now THAT was NOT what I should have said or done."

I have watched her grow up right before my eyes.  

...and the story will go on. I'm sure there will be these moments of aloneness and He will comfort her; continued challenges to trust the One she cannot see and there will be struggles ; but, ultimately, her Knight in Shining Armor will have His bride, without spot, wrinkle or blemish.  Of this, I am positive.

When you think of my sweet friend, my spiritual daughter, would you fight for her and her future in your prayers?  Bring her and her little ones before the throne and thank God for what He's done and ask him to give her courage to continue to trust Him.

Thank you.

Till next time...


McKayla Damon said...

Beautiful and sad. But this lovely lady will remain victorious as long as she continues to lean on the Lord! Your blog has made it obvious that she knows that. To this woman: You are now on my prayer list, and I want you to know that you have an entire army praying and fighting for your life! Much love going out to you!

Anonymous said...

Praying alongside you for this young lady; that she is showered with grace, and peace, and serenity in the mist of the unknown.
beautiful post my friend.


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