January 19, 2015

Note To Self Monday

Note to self:  I can tie a knot and hang on...or I can swing until I have enough courage to let go.  

Hang on tight...especially if everything appears to be unraveling.  But then, don't stop there.

...because, sometimes things aren't at all what they seem. 

What would it look like if we stepped back from the messes we think we've made of our lives and just reflect? 

What if what we see isn't what God sees?  

Does He not know the beginning from the end?  

Don't we believe that He holds the universe in His hands?  

Have we forgotten that He spoke everything into existence that we see and things we don't see?  

Just spoke it.  

Explosive power of words that shaped the world we see.

In your pondering...searching, think about the depth of His love, His desire from the beginning to bring us back into relationship with Himself and His unfailing love for all mankind.  

There's only a few things that matter in the scheme of things...

Really only one.

It's imperative that each person, experience first-hand, the love of God.  

When one tastes love, firsthand, it's intoxicating.  And it's not just one time...it's saturating yourself in it. All. The. Time.

...You are loved.  

Take a minute or three and listen:

Perhaps if we'd let go of the rope, we would find that Love is carrying us...and He always has.

What are you struggling with?  

Hang on and swing a while...but then, let go.


thanks for stopping by.  

Would you mind dropping me a note.  

I'd love to hear if and how these words spoke to you and what rope you're hanging on to.

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