November 1, 2014

Reflections Of Time Well Spent

It's the first of November.  Its arrival is rather chilly, like an old man dressed in tattered clothes, meandering through lonely streets. 

Sun shadows dance on the fireplace wall as I peer out the sheers, inviting me to join in. I ask myself, as I reach for the glass, 'should I sit by the pond this morning? The answer, as sure as the coolness of the pane, brings the decision. 'No. Not today. November, you've slapped me awake; I'm staying right here, under the warmth of my blanket.'

As October walked out the back door, with it went the finishing of my 'One Thousand Gifts' devotional. Part of me was sad because each day I was challenged to see life differently.  
Although I didn't always agree with her theology, I did enjoy her thoughts, her style of writing and keeping pen to paper with my list has stirred me to write particular, to write here, on My Freedom.  
Thank you, Ann Voskamp.  He has used your life in mine.  I am most grateful for your heart.  May He continue to pour you out for the sake of His kingdom.

                                        This last month, Love and the boys moved my greenhouse behind the pond so EVENTUALLY, we can do hydroponics.  I am so excited about that.  

October ended with everyone but my Love and me "down for the count" with a viral bug that lasted a couple of days and literally drove any semblance of 'school' down the toilet!  And although I did not get sick, little Joshie did and having two teen boys and an eleven month old not feeling well truly gave me an opportunity to spend much time praying and sitting...or comforting.  My grandson Kyler spent an afternoon with us on Tuesdayday because he and mom were both ill but mom had to go to work.  By the afternoon, he felt well enough to go on a stroll with me and collect acorns. Together, we glued the tops (their hats) on them and it was a great day.

By God's grace, my Love and I were able to escape to Boerne as the sun set and though we actually missed it, I did get a few shots I liked.

This is the strangest tree...makes me think of a Dr. Suess story.  

To make a point...pun completely intended, I ordered some lens filters and received four free magnifying lenses that I find fascinating.  I love these photos, simply because of the imagery.  Things cracked can still be beautiful.  Kinda like me.

It rained twice this month~ There can be no better way to celebrate than to play in rain buckets.  Old man winter started his journey south two nights before the end of October, bringing enough rain to almost overflow the pond!  Thanks, old man!

Our son, little Joshie's dad, big Josh, had a gig from the loading dock of work and he asked me to take a few shots.  He's the guy on the left.

Somehow, I scheduled a photo shoot...just because. I love this family and wanted to bless them...(besides, he's our mechanic and I don't know where we'd be without him!)

I also got to help Jenna on a shoot she did in New Braunfels...that was really fun!  I loved the architecture of this building across the street from her shoot.

It's been a very busy month.  There have been moments of intense stretching and death to self, opportunities to share life with a dear friend in the midst of her challenges, and then to sweeten my life, God gave me four birthday was my great niece, Norah.  Another, my grandson, Kyler. My granddaughter in NY, Patience, turned four and my daddy turned seventy-nine.  Click here to go to an old blog and see a post for his seventy-second birthday wish from his young grandsons...where has seven years gone, dad?  I am so blessed!

...saying goodbye to October wouldn't be the same if I didn't take a few pictures of my grandchildren in their amazing costumes.  I may loathe this 'celebration', BUT I love seeing my babies all dressed up and I know they'll be wearing these outfits more than just on one night.

Keira didn't want to wear her werewolf hair all night because something in her costume hair was bothering her neck...that's Keira for you.

 November may have arrived with a chill in the air but I am confident that each day's memories will warm my life and I can't forget that I live in the Southwest, where the temperature doesn't get 'cold' until late December!
What memories did you make in October?  Drop me a note!  I'd love to hear your story.

Until next time...

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