September 14, 2013

Seriously Random thoughts of a woman whose head is full of fluid~

The lungs ache, the nose is red and the coughing just will. not. stop. 
Since Monday night, my body has been fighting some kind of viral attack.  Tuesdays P.E. class only exacerbated the pain in my throat from yelling to thirteen kids in a church parking lot on the rules of kickball.  Wednesday I spent the day in bed. 
Total and complete torture.   
On Thursday, because I am not going to pay out half of the money I earn from teaching getting someone to sub for my three classes, I trudged to school and taught.  What they learned, only God knows!  Should the principal be upset with me, I pray she'll forgive me.
Friday was another day in bed...not!  I cannot stay in bed for hours doing nothing!  I cannot, for the life of me, remember what I did.  I do remember talking to my sister and the little old lady down the street that we're helping with her dying husband.  She keeps telling me to go to the doctors. 
Nope.  It's viral. 
The boys are so sweet to be the ones that have gone down to her home to help her get the dear man situated for the night.  Before they put the catheter in two days ago, they were helping her change his diaper.  I am so blown away that they've been willing to do that.  But they truly love her.  She is the sweetest woman on our block!  And she needs help.  Hospice comes in the morning, but she's doing it all by herself each night.  I hate that I haven't been able to help her.  This is a good lesson for the twins, I'm sure of it.
I also remember stepping on a needle and breaking it off.  Fortunately, I was able to sit on the floor and pull the broken piece out of my foot!  Then we dug out the other end from the carpet...guess I won't put the table for class on the carpet anymore...they can sit at the dining room table!  Oh the joys of being a sewing teacher and convincing myself that a pin/needle would never get me because it would stick in the rug!  Ha!
For two days, Isaac has made me breakfast.  I can't have any dairy, so he's made me eggs (although some would say that that's dairy...I honestly don't really care!) 
Oh my gosh, it was so delicious. 
Complete with tomatoes, red pepper and chives.
Today, I knew no one would want to rainbow (it's a cleaner, like a vacuum) my bedroom to rid it of dust, so I attacked that room with a vengeance~! I was exhausted when I finished, but it's done and maybe I'll be able to sleep better tonight.
Oh, and I, because I did not want to be in bed, I went outside by Love, working in his shop, and grabbed some hedge trimmers and uh, well, I am thankful that I had flip flops on because I stepped on three rusty nails and only ONE went into my foot!
Moving on...
Life has been very busy.  It's been a good busy, though. 
We host a life group with an amazing group of people every Thursday night. 
I teach four classes at the co-op: Math 7/6, P.E. (gym), but you know about that already; Literature A, which, I think only means that it's easier~ and Photography...
I'm teaching sewing classes at home now and loving that.  NO more carting everything to someone else's home, forgetting things or driving in the blistering heat with no a/c! 
I'm up to three classes.  I had four, but circumstances changed and they can no longer come...sigh.

(Blogger has decided not to let me enlarge my photos...argh.)
The boys turned fifteen in August.  (So hard to believe it's been months since I've written on here!)

Josh always has to do SOMETHING WIERD! 
Papa turned 51 in was a quiet evening. 

This is a shot of the boys attempting to eat as many nuggets from Chik-Fil-A as they can in ten minutes to raise money to go to camp...they each ate the same...38...they're twins, what can I say?  This was July...
 A hawk decided to land in our front yard and after I shot a bunch of photos of him, the inerts of my camera fell out!  Two more weeks without ~



I had an amazing conversation with my second son this summer.  It opened my eyes to a lot of things about church, people, diet, dirt, eating, helping others, etc. 
Thanks, Dan, for sharing your heart with me. 
Boy, do I miss him.  He left us for Florida on the 18th of August, the twins birthday...
Admittedly, this has been THE toughest year of our life. 
Yet, because I know God and his love for me, none of it is wasted.  Time will tell what comes of these struggles.


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travelingthenarrowroad said...

Beautiful to hear an update from you! Hoping you are feeling better...
and I truly wish I could have a picture of that hawk. That is absolutely stunning!
Pray for you often friend,


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