April 10, 2013

She came for me...

Her plane landed and my heart lept.  She'd left her babies to be with her mommy.  Her amazing husband stayed back in NY to care for their three daughters as he sent her to say goodbye one last time to her gramma. 
Josh and his family got to the airport before us.  Dan drove with us.  He'd gotten to SA Thursday afternoon and now all my children and two of my grandbabies were all together to celebrate mom's life with my sister, Kay, her husband, and their daughter, my sweet neice, Krystyl, who'd driven 1800 miles non-stop to be with our daddy. 
The family that couldn't come were sorely missed, but we all drove out to Karyn's to have a party, hats and all.
Mom always wanted her life to end with a celebration. 
We were determined not to disappoint her (although some family members didn't want their pix taken...you know who you are!)

What a day to mourn, celebrate, remember, laugh, look at old photos and be together.  I only soooo wish everyone else could have been there.  And I kept thinking, 'mom would love this time together.  She always loved just seeing her kids connecting, even if she didn't participate. 
Some of the family together...

Daddy's girls...

A 'Life' Cake...

A jam session in the garage...

I spent the week with my daughter and enjoyed lunch together, crying together, reminiscing as we perused the photos...up late making the poster with all her photos, driving Dan back home to the Austin area, her doing my hair twice becuz I didn't like it the first time....
Family is the best.
Making memories and loving each other.
More grieving when we let her off at the airport, but she's coming back in June with Peter.
We need each other. 
I don't think we understand how connected we are. 
When one hurts, we all hurt.
Enjoy your family, despite the differences. 

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