October 15, 2012

Monday beauty...

After months of failing to post my gratitude list, it's time to recount where I've been, what has happended and how great my life is.

# 80~A beautiful life.  One tempered by tension, grace, joy, struggles and victories.

#81~eight weeks of school beginning to fall into a groove~

#83~cutting Caleb's hair!

#84~teaching two beautiful women to sew!

#85~a class full of middle school girls that inspire me each time we get together and I review what nap and warp are and why we sew and how we put one pant leg inside the other and then sew the crotch up to make a pair of pajama pants!  I love my class!  We're playing a game I created, "Who can thread their needle first?"  On your mark, get set, GO!

#86~  fall planting and BEEUTIFUL COMPOST that has turned into the most amazing smelling dirt!  I love dirt, especially dirt that reminds me of my Alden farm dirt...amazing!

#87~ fall colors
#88~breakfast in the yard, ALONE!

#89~listening to Bill Hybels speak at a Leader's dinner and celebrating our pastor and the vision God gave him twenty years ago...and getting some great shots of the two of them!

#90~capturing special moments and getting paid for it!

#91~celebrating my grandson's seventh birthday.

#92~over thirty two people coming over on a Sunday afternoon for a cookout picnic and fellowship.  It was a treat!

#93~celebrating my parent's third year of living with us...where has the time gone?

#94~ my Love working overtime so we can pack away our 'emergency' fund and begin to take better control of our money.

#96~laughter when Twin B tells me he's used my seam ripper to pop a pimple and it didn't work out too well!

#97~Twin A getting a good report when the doc says he doesn't have any infections!

#98~Patience turning two years old this past week!  How my heart aches to hold you.  I can't wait!

#99~falling in love with the book of Hebrews, as I make my way through it VERY SLOWLY....

#100~a good night sleep.

Good night world.

Join Ann in community with others celebrating the ways Daddy graces us with His love by counting your gifts, today and everyday.

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