June 6, 2012

Small, yet huge!

He is gracious, full of compassion and kind.  Oh, so kind. 

I want to post about the wedding, the week with our daughter, her hubby and the kiddos, but since it's Wednesday in only a few minutes, I want to share a God-Bumps & God-Incidence...at least it is to me!

Sunday rolled in like a windstorm and I didn't feel like I slept at all from all the activity of the last three days.  But with my neice, her boyfriend, and father-in-law in town, I knew I needed to get moving because they were all coming to church with us, along with Rachael and her family.

Sunday afrternoon found me glued to the couch, visiting with out-of-town company and a missionary friend that stopped by to meet our daughter.  When everyone left, we had little time to begin the take down of a bed we borrowed and return it to a friend in the evening.

Love had five tuxes to return, as well, and when I answered my cell phone hearing:  "I have bad news", I cringed.  The Men's Warehouse store was CLOSED~


I called my son to tell him and he informed me that we'd need $20 per tux, on the spot, when we returned them! 

My soul went into panic mode.  Fretting never solves ANYTHING and after about ten minutes of musing the dread around in my head, I began to pray.

First of all, I confessed my fear.  Then, I think I rationalized that we had company, were tired, and the store is open every night until 9 p.m., so why should we be penalized. Finally, I repented for not being responsible for finding out what time they closed. Yet I allowed fear and dread to hang around all night.

I woke to the answer...
"Thanksgiving is a spiritual exercise, necessary to the building of a healthy soul.  It takes us out of the stuffiness of ourselves into the fresh breeze and sunlight of the will of God.  The simple act of thanking Him is for most of us an abrupt change of activity, a break from work and worry, a move toward re-creation."   Elisabeth Elliot, from 'Keep A Quiet Heart'

It takes time to sit at His feet, worshipping, reflecting on how Big He is and how insignificant this was in light of eternity. Necessary time. Essential time.  Time well spent.

When Love forgot to take the tuxes with him in the morning, I was convinced that we would be charged because now they wouldn't be returned until after four in the afternoon.  But, unlike the night before, I was free.  I wasn't worried about it anymore.

When he walked in from delivering them, he said, "Well, I took them in. It was bad.  The guy was really nice.  I told him we were late and that the store was closed when I got there last night.  Then the guy said, 'let me check them in and I'll take care of the rest.!!!!" 
Such a tease!

We didn't get charged! 
It was nothing short of God intervening because the papers he signed when he picked up the boy's tuxes specifically say if you're late, you're responsible for late fees!

Glory to God for His favor, kindness and compassion!

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Jennifer @ GettingDownWithJesus.com said...

Whew! What a relief! And a great example of His compassion in the big things and the little things.

I'm so glad you've linked.

Daune said...

Definitely a relief!
I've wanted to link for a while...but life...it happens and I have to go with the flow.
Thanks for the invite!

Alicia said...

I love how God takes care of even the smallest details. Hooray for great customer service :)


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