May 21, 2012

Monday, beautiful Monday!

Oh, to jump right in with my list of gifts of Gratitude...

#72~ the beauty of Mother's day flowers unfolding for an entire week.  Glorious. 

#73~Crinkleroot:  the mountain man, guarding the entrance to the garden.  Also a gift from my first born son. 

#74~one single pea growing...from the death of the flower, the fruit is born.  So, too, we bring forth much fruit as we die to ourselves. 

#75~pedals stretching heavenward, longing to be nearer to the Sun, or perhaps the Son. 

#76~Bert's discovery of chimes in the Garden of Eden...He loves to go to the garden with me, then he'll turn and give me that, 'May I touch it, please' look.  When I smile, he knows he has the go ahead.  Brings me much joy to share this place with him.


#78~my sister, Karyn Walker and her daughter, Emily, creating as only they can, a French wedding shower menu and decorations for my future daughter-in-law. This world truly is a better place because they simply...are!  (She is a local artist, who's dedicating some or her sales to go for an orphanage in Haiti!  Check out her website by clicking her name.) 

#79~only six days before my girls arrive, along with their parents and we spend a week together, me basking in the love of God by the touch of pudgy fingers, giggles and tea parties.
Just look at those precious faces...go ahead, cry with me...they're priceless. 
I cannot wait.
They're driving from Dallas, where her hubby's sisters live.  Please pray for safe travels for them.  They arrive on our son, Daniel-Paul's, twenty seventh birthday.
Party time!~

As I prepare for their arrival, I am reminded over and over that this life is a breath.  Each moment counts, and for those of us that call Jesus our Lord, we are living in eternity right now.
Make the day count. 
Find that place where you can hide away from all distractions (even if it's only a few minutes at a time!) and drink deeply of His love.  He is your portion.  He'll fill the empty places with Himself and then you can leave there, ready to be poured out as wine to make those around you happy!

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Jennifer @ said...

That pea growing, as you say, from the death. That is brilliant. I love what you have to say. Always... Thank you.


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