April 5, 2012

Thankful Thursday and Joy on the journey!

Back in June of 2009, I wrote a post here about my nephew and a situation I asked prayer for.

After four years of fighting for the truth, my nephew, Anthony Bell and his family have received justice.  I imagine they couldn't be more delighted.  Tony's attorney has been suspended and he will receive the $15,000 he took from Tony.  Read about his former attorney's suspension here.

Read the story about Tony here.

I am so thankful that my nephew is being recompensed for this injustice.  I also want to thank everyone that prayed for him.

When I think of being thankful on this Thursday before Easter, I am reminded by Tony's story that justice comes at a cost.  Even if it takes four years to finally be rewarded for your innocence, it comes.  Though, I'm sure, at times, it didn't look like anyone cared or wanted to see things made right, Tony and his family did.  They were persistent, diligently going to work, Tony giving a portion of his paycheck to his boss every week, believing that justice would come.  People were strategic in bringing things to the light and finally he has his reward.  It came.

For Jesus, justice came when he rose from the dead, defeating the devil and restoring mankind to a right relationship with the Father.  It cost him his life, given freely for mankind, me, despite the fact that I didn't know him or care that He gave that offering on my behalf.  I believe Jesus' prayer that day, "not my will be done, but Yours" was with such confidence and hope that people would receive His gift of eternal life that he looked past the pain and suffering he would endure as the nails were pounded into his hands and feet.  He knew justice would be served and we would be free.  It came and we are free.

To my brother and his family, I know I have no idea of all that you've gone through for the last four years.  I salute your fortitude, the courage to stand up against injustice, all the hours spent driving back and forth to Cleveland, answering all the questions, the interrogation of your son...everything you did to fight for your son.  It is heroic. 

May God richly bless you for your heart of love for your son and your family. 
I love you.
Happy Easter.

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