March 29, 2012

Thanks on Thursday!

There's something about the spring breezes and open windows that makes me want to play in dirt and bake more...I have no ida what it is, but I am grateful.

I began this post, along with two more, almost two weeks ago.  Sometimes, I freeze.  I think to myself, 'you need to sit down and jot your thoughts.'  But then interruptions come, my mind goes blank and that clock across the room just keeps ticking away.  The longer it ticks and I wait, the harder it is to write.

I hate that.

So, for the few minutes I have, I will jot.  I mean joy.  Joy about that great things in my life:

the beans growing like weeds in my raised bed.

cooler weather in March, a definite gift.

a dancing sparrow, bounding nearer and nearer me last nite as I sat with Love  reading at a Starbuck's.

my dad as excited about fishing today as a child on Christmas morning.

my Love building me a beautiful trellis, remade from a divider he made me last year.

Unfolding of beauty, one petal at a time...and heavenly fragrance.

children I photographed on Kite Day at my church.

These are just a few of the many things I've been thankful for in the last two weeks. The list has gone to #103 and as it climbs, my heart has been enlarged with joy for all He is and does in me and my life.

Late but not too late.  Join me in the Gratitude Community over here:

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