January 24, 2011

All these hats...eventually

Monday morning arrived with its usual alarm clock waking Love from his slumber.  Because I'd been up three times during the night praying for someone, I never heard him rustle, let alone get out of bed!  So, when he kissed me goodbye, I felt like I'd only taken a nap and rolled over for another fifteen minutes.

Each morning, I've been making a habit of telling Jesus good morning and meditating on His goodness, what He's been doing in my heart and in our life; that tends to make it easier to roll out of bed, hit the bathroom and the shower or just brush my teeth and try to do 'something' with the mop on top of my head!

Monday mornings are always a battle...particularly with the boy's mindset about 'school'.  Soooo, I began to worship and focus my thoughts on HIM, the One that changes minds to think the way He does. I know He can change their minds and He usually uses me to speak kindly, gently, patiently, and that generally helps them to get going.

The boys set their alarm earlier for Sat. when they were to go out with my friend, Amy, so I could sew...so when it went off at 6:45 this morning, I went in and told them they could sleep for another half hour....mostly so I could spend more time in the Word and listening...then I invited them to snuggle, something we all LOVE to do, expecially on Mondays or when it's cold outside, rainy or any other excuse we can find to cuddle!

It's been a great day, with much more to share, but I must sleep! It'll have to come when I'm rested...goodnite.

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