December 13, 2010

Oh, to live deeply in the moments...

For eleven years, the hand-made Styrofoam ball Nativity set has journeyed with us.

For the first time since they were unwrapped by pudgy little fingers on Christmas in 1999, baby Jesus is receiving fresh hay...grass grows for the manger; seeds planted from kind acts.  So many more seeds need planting for his bed to be full.  We have time.

In a heartfelt cry of gratitude, I shout my thanks:

~celebrating my mommy's 82nd birthday, delighted to be in her company

~a Christmas party where I received a Mannheim Steamroller CD I'd wanted forever~

~moments of tender affection

~an afternoon spent alone with three little onesI love dearly

~the sentries that stand guard, seen and unseen

~glimpsing His peace on her face as she dreams!

~one last week of seat work

~library videos to watch over vacation

~being able to live in Texas, yet fond memories of living on the 102 acre farm and the beauty of snow EVERYWHERE--but just Christmas time; not for six months-not good memories! 

~being able to pray on the phone for my dear friend Nancy's daughter in NY, taking her boards today

~preparing to burn wood in the fireplace as the temps drop

~tickling my boys

~one boy deciding to write in cursive on his own!

~wisdom from above to counsel a friend and his brother during a conference call while the little children played quietly under my feet

~gazing on His nature and the brilliance only drawing me nearer His heart

~receiving compliments

Have a great week as you prepare daily for His arrival and His return!
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