December 6, 2010

He turns our sorrow to gladness, always.

December has arrived, the garland is hung from the beam along the ceiling of the livingroom and Christmas lights glimmer in the dark of night like stars twinkling in the heavens. 

This has been a tough week for our family.  A stomach bug hit us hard. 
Thursday afternoon, I hit the couch and didn't move all evening.  Then, Friday morning, dad went back to bed and didn't get up until 11 p.m. when he asked us to take him to the ER.  So, Love and I sat with him until 2 a.m.  He stayed in the ER until Sat. evening when we picked him up.  He's much better today. 
By Sunday afternoon, mom began with the chills, and everything she'd eaten came back up and out last night and this morning.  How grateful I am that dad is well again because I could not have taken care of her by myself.  I'm not 'nurse' material.  My stomach gets way to queasy by certain smells.

"Adversity introduces a man to himself." ~Author Unknown

As I reflected on this past week, a deeper truth emerged:
Sickness is self-pity's cousin...and
Caring for someone sick is revealing. 

These times of intense serving have shown me that I cannot do anything without His power flowing through me and also, that I'm not a hero. I don't need a big pat on the back. 
 Each of us is told to pick up our cross and follow Him. 
Yet, I've had to check myself several times to be sure that I wasn't looking for that pat, comment, thank you, whatever.  
At times, I was. 
'Does anyone notice what I do, Lord?  Do you?'  'Why did dad have to take these two different meds and fear overdosing right before I walk out the door for church?  Now I have to stay home and babysit...' 
The answer came as I fell asleep the other night.  He woke me as I heard myself praying in the Spirit and then when I asked for the interpretation, He made it very clear: 
'Don't complain, I see what you're doing.' 
Ouch, but so tenderly that I quickly repented and fell asleep, knowing I was forgiven.


"Multitude Monday--His Gifts To Me"

~after five days of intense adversity, He has made Himself known to me, despite the enemy's attacks.

~ I have joy, expectation for the new day and confidence in His ability to straighten out any/all the crooked places in me.

~sun beams every morning on the couch as we read His Word together

~anticipation of His birthday

~being well again

~seasoned love under warm blankets late at night

~Christmas music on Pandora

~'Thing 1', as my brother-in-law calls the twins, helping with dinner

~'Thing 2' setting the table alone so brother can help mom

~Love working another job during the holidays

~a boy's joy calling gramma in NY to find out how to make Christmas bark...mmm, delicious!

~lavishing a friend on her birthday with lots of sewing stuff

~a Family Thrift store with great buys for boys that won't/can't stop growing so fast

~generous boys sharing their 'Bark' with their egg customers, our neighbors!

~dad completely recuperated

~mom resting peacefully this evening

~quiet nights to ponder and think

~declaring His Word--His joy is our strength and we will not look at what we see---over dad's front door car locks getting stuck (it was so strange!), driving home holding the doors closed, and waiting to see what He'd do...He gave dad the answer and it was fixed! 
Glory to God.

~plenty of food to enjoy each night

~dinner every night together

~sweet sleep

Have a great week! 

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

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Hollinger Family said...

great post...
wonderful words shared wisely,
love the pics, and glad you are feeling better too~


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